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Lawn Services

Lawn Services Fertilizer Pest Control
Insect, Weed, and Fungus Control


Insect Control for the following plus more:

Chinch Bugs, Sod Web Worms, 

Mole Crickets, Armyworm, White Fly, Fleas

Grasshopper/Locust, White Grubs, Ants, and Wasps...


Weed Control for the following plus more:

Dollarweed, Crabgrass, Doveweed, Clover,

Sedge Weeds, Dandelions, Wild Geraniums,

Carpet Grass...


Fungus Control for the following plus more:

Brown Patch Fungus, Grey Leaf Spot Disease, Fairy Ring Fungus, and Take-All Root Rot...





Weed Control Pest Control Dollar Weed
Fertilizing, Landscaping, and Care


Lawn and Plant Fertilization

To promote healthy growth and sustainability, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, essential microelements, and trace minerals are used.



Specializing in Florida Friendly Landscaping to promote a beautiful look that also supports a healthy environment that will last for years to come.


Tree and Shrub Care

Proper care for your Trees and Shrubs starts from the root up. Ensuring proper pruning and healthy nutrition is a must to keep your plants looking at their best.






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