Indoor Pest Contol

Rodent Control

Trapping: If they are already in the home or office, properly placing traps is a must. Once we remove them, steps need to be taken to prevent them from entering again.


Prevention: Did you know that some rats could fit through a hole just the size of a quarter! It's time to seal the house up. With a thorough inspection, we can fix and or repair all those small spaces that these unwanted guests are using. Preventing further intruders.

Insect Control

Cockroaches and Ants: First order of business, Identification. Proper identification will lead to successful prevention. 


Fleas: Don't let these little guys fool you. They pack a powerful bite! Fleas can multiply at alarming rates, the faster you respond the better.


Spiders: Often found in corners and in garages. You must carefully inspect and treat all windows and door seals to keep these guys out.


Don't forget Flies, Silverfish and Centipedes!


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