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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Facts
Mosquito Control in St. Augustine
Mosquito Facts

Feeding Habits: Blood is not their primary food source, it's actually nectar and fruit juices. Only the female requires blood for proper egg development and laying.


Behavior: The female finds you and your pets by scent. She finds some of us more attractive than others, typical!


Habitats: Mosquitos must live near the presence of standing water. Ponds, empty containers, upside-down leaves, and so on. A teaspoon of water is all that is needed.


But We Can Help!

The Solution

Standing water: Using Larvicides to treat all possible areas will kill the larvae before they turn into breeding adults.


Shrubs and Trees: A residual insecticide is applied to all shrubs, trees, and vegetation to kill them where they land. Treatments last for 30 days and kills day and night.


2 Plans Available:

$79 for monthly treatments

$99 for monthly treatments, plus

the Sentry Repellant System! This offers an additional area of natural repellant to your most used areas.

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